Why Your Organization Needs an ID Printer

No matter what industry you’re in, owning your own ID printer offers a number of benefits that just aren’t possible when you outsource your printing. From potential saving on costs to giving you full control over your production and workflow, the ability to print your own ID badges can greatly enhance your business’s service and security.

Cost Effective

If you don’t own your own ID printer, you could be overspending when it comes to printing. Professional ID printers (id outsourcing) can carry overhead costs that range from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. They price their services accordingly to cover costs such as rent, printer ribbons, and service, meaning you pay a significant markup.

In order to ensure they remain profitable, professional ID printers may also require businesses to order a certain number of IDs. This means that you may end up having to pay for more IDs than you need, costing you more money and creating waste. Consequently, purchasing your own ID printer means many businesses can print more cost effectively by eliminating overhead costs and having full control over the number of IDs printed while still using the same high-quality materials as the professionals.


The flexibility of owning your own ID printer can help you save money and enhance your operation by allowing you to easily print and produce IDs anywhere and anytime without having to order through a second-party. With so many affordable options available for purchasing your own ID printer the flexibility of being able to print independently can greatly enhance your business’s customer service and efficiency, particularly as instant printing becomes increasingly popular as a part of enrollment and registration processes.

Owning your own ID printer also allows you to use it as often as you want for a wider range of purposes. Whether you’re printing IDs for new employees, updating existing ones, or printing IDs for a new and entirely separate project, owning an ID printer gives you full autonomy over when and how you print. This isn’t possible when you print through an established service provider.

Production and Workflow

When you own an ID printer, you own the production and workflow of the items you’re printing. If you’re printing IDs as a part of a registration process, chances are you’ll want to be able to produce IDs in real time.

However, when you outsource your printing you are on another company’s production schedule. This implies you could be waiting potentially longer than necessary to receive your IDs, as a result of delays and unforeseen circumstances outside of your control. For smaller businesses, such inconveniences can greatly impact their service and leave them in the lurch. Purchasing your own ID printer ensures you can always print whenever you need to, no matter the time of day.


Owning your an ID printer is a convenience that doesn’t just save your business time and money, it gives you full control over data encoding and the issuance process. If you deal with sensitive information, the ability to tightly control personal information and easily update staffing changes can greatly enhance your organization’s security measures.

Consequently, if your business deals with sensitive information, data or expensive materials, investing in your own ID printer can greatly enhance your security in the long term and give you the peace of mind that nobody outside of your organization has handled your information.

At the end of the day, businesses considering purchasing their own ID printer need to weigh the costs and benefits accordingly. For small businesses, improved flexibility and control over their costs, production and workflow make investing in their own ID printer a viable option, while larger corporations may be drawn to owning their own ID printer as a long-term investment in security and convenience.

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