Exploring Clothing-Friendly ID Badge Holders

Proper security is an important part of any business, which is why utilizing ID cards is such a vital thing. However, when the proper ID card accessories are not used, it can result in the employees clothing becoming damaged. That is the last thing anyone wants to experience, which is why companies need to make sure that they are purchasing clothing-friendly ID card accessories. Luckily, this article is here to breakdown the various options that are available to companies regarding clothing-friendly options.

Badge Reels

One of the most popular options among clothing-friendly ID card accessories are retractable badge reels. This is because they are suitable for a wide variety of situations. They are an extremely versatile type of identification holder that act similar to a name tag in most situations, but can be extracted to resemble more of a lanyard device when necessary.

Badge reels tend to come with a belt reel clip or swivel clip, which allows them to be clothing-friendly. Swivel clips are used to attach the badge reels to the clothing. As long as the badge reel is not carrying anything heavy, then it should not weigh enough to damage the clothing. The belt clips do not touch the clothing at all, but rather attach to the belt and do not require any sort of pocket from the user.

Not only can these badge reels be clothing-friendly in terms of not damaging the clothing of its user, they also come in a wide variety of designs that can allow them to even act as an accessory to various outfits. From a heavy duty retractable badge to brightly colored, there is truly every kind of badge reel out there.


Another extremely popular option of ID badge card holder are lanyards. Some of the reasons why lanyards tend to be so popular is because they come in such a wide variety of types and are some of the most easily customizable ID card accessories available. Need a detachable neck key ring? No problem, there’s a lanyard for that!

Lanyards can be combined with any horizontal or vertical style badge holder. They will also accommodate a soft vinyl, hard plastic, or a leather badge holder. With the the right attachments you could have a multi-badge card holder wallet that would not only hold your id card, but your cell phone and credit card as well.

Since lanyards are incredibly soft and flexible, it is highly unlikely that they will ever be able to rip any item of clothing. They also gently hang around someone’s neck rather than pinning or clipping to clothing, so there is no chance of the clothing becoming wrinkled or filled with tiny pin holes.

No Metal Clip Badge Holders

With this type of ID accessory, users are able to not only protect their ID cards but also protect their clothing. Some versions of badge holders allow them to be used without any additional ID accessories such as the previously mentioned lanyards and badge reels. If a company hands out some of these badge holders to their employees, then it can allow them to display their ID at all times while also saving their clothing.

Some of the best examples of clothing-friendly badge holders include the armband ID holder. This accessory wraps around the arm of the user and has a clear plastic holder to insert and display the ID badge. So rather than hanging off the front of a person and potentially snagging their pocket or button, it can rest securely on their arm, preventing any damage whatsoever.

There is also the magnetic badge holders, which use powerful magnets to attach an ID badge to clothing without any further clip or pin. Since this device just presses the badge up against the shirt of a user, it prevents any possible damage from occurring.

Together, these three items make up the best options when it comes to having ID card accessories that will not damage a user’s clothing in any way. So not only do they make the employer happy by improving security measures, but they also make the employees happy by keeping their work clothes looking as good as possible.


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