Why Custom Badge Buddies are the Right Choice

There is a great selection of badge buddies to choose from with all the standard Hospital Roles like RN, Doctor, and more. Those badge buddies are easily recognized by patients and serve that purpose very well.  Let's talk about custom badge buddies.

Not Just for Role Recognition

Badge Buddies can have other useful roles to play as well. Most hospitals have a list of emergency codes (code red, purple, etc) and those codes can be printed right on a custom badge buddy.

Since the badge buddy is meant to sit under a regular photo id badge, they can have the list printed right on the front for easy-to-read access. Badge buddies also don't have to be used just for hospitals.

Not Just for Hospitals

Many construction and manufacturing companies use custom badge buddies so they could identify Contractors, Foremen, Visitors, and other employees at a glance. These badge buddies can have added benefits like an OSHA slogan printed on it so the employees have a quick reference.

Custom printed badge buddies give a further reaching effect for patient awareness but also for employee awareness of regulation, codes, and slogans.

If you want to know more about how you can use a badge buddy in your ID program contact All Things Identification today. 1-800-560-8158

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