Popular Healthcare ID Solutions

We wanted to feature some of our most popular healthcare ID solutions that are essential to your employee id program and your brand. We know how demanding the healthcare environment can be and you need options to help protect and secure your credentials.

Let's start with a badge holder, its job is to protect your employee badge. We recommend our resealable top badge holder for maximum protection the top locks out liquid or dirt from damaging your badge. It can extend the life of your badge by three to five times and is easy to sanitize.

ziplock badge holder


Second you need a way to secure your credentials. Most hospitals prefer badge reels because you can easily access your badge for scanning while also keeping it eye level for visibility. The twist-free B-Reel badge reel is unique because it ensures that your badge will always twist forward.


badge reel

Finally, badge buddies are an essential way to quickly and visibly communicate provider roles. You can also customize with important protocols or other information on them as well.


badge buddy

There are plenty more ID accessories to fit all of your medical facility needs, but these are some of our most popular over the years.

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