When Should I Use A Breakaway Lanyard?

Not only is a breakaway lanyard for displaying id badges, they usually play a vital part in safety at any facility where the wearer could get caught in machinery or some hazard.

What Is A Breakaway Lanyard

A Breakaway lanyard has a safety breakaway closure that “breaks-away” once pressure is applied.  They can have a bulldog clip, swivel hook, or key ring as a connector for id cards or keys.

Retractable badge reels are an option for a breakaway lanyard as well for when an access card may need to be presented. A flat breakaway lanyard can be custom printed with a slogan or company logo. Round cord type lanyards can feature an adjustable round or diamond shape slider for a better fit.

How Does A  Breakaway Lanyard Work

A person with a breakaway lanyard is in less danger if the lanyard is snagged on some machinery, because the lanyard can breakaway before injuring anyone.  Another safety example is wherever the lanyard itself is the danger — for instance pulling on sensitive electronics like cables for a heart monitoring machine. For this reason we recommend a breakaway lanyard for hospitals and different medical facilities.

The breakaway is reusable and may be snapped back to place. The breakaways also are sturdy and can stand up to several “breaks” before needing to be replaced.

There are also lanyards that feature multiple breakaway closures for facilities which need multiple points of failure.

So as you see a breakaway lanyard is a multi-tasker within the lanyard family that puts safety First.


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