What Are Breakaway Lanyards and What Makes Them Special?

Some things in life come easy. If you happen to wear a uniform to work, that’s one less thing to think about in the morning.

If, however, you need to swipe into the building or present your ID badge to security, then that’s something you will have to think about.

Will you remember to grab it with your keys in the morning? If you switch out wallets or pocketbooks one evening, will you remember to add your ID card and key fob to the new setup?

This is where not only lanyards but breakaway lanyards, in particular, are special. Let’s talk about their colorful options and the benefit of breakaways specifically.

What Are Breakaway Lanyards?

Lanyards come in handy all day long. They’re like a third hand. Right around your neck, you know you’ll always have your employee ID and any other identifying materials/keys.

Breakaway lanyards, however, take things to a new level. These styles have a plastic clip that sits at the nape of your neck. Sometimes, you’ll find lanyards with rubber breakaways lower down on the cord.

Either way, once the lanyard is pulled hard enough, the plastic or rubber components will separate, releasing the lanyard from its grip around your neck. This makes them easy to pop on and off, but it’s about so much more than ease.

What Makes Them Special?

Breakaways are more than just handy little features. They’re also major safety components. In fact, we’d consider them lifesaving, depending on your line of work.

Our experience with customers tells us breakaway lanyards are useful in many different scenarios. Here are the top three:

They Can Save Your Life

Imagine you’re employed in a line of work that uses heavy machinery. Well, Heaven forbid you should ever get your lanyard caught in one of the mechanisms as it pulls your neck and head closer and closer to the moving parts.

With a breakaway lanyard, it’ll release momentarily, and your face and head will no longer be closer to getting caught in a truly perilous situation.

They’re Useful In Many Markets

How many things do we own that can be applied to nearly every marketplace? Those in the healthcare industry can benefit from breakaways, as they slip in and out of their everyday clothes and their scrubs.

Even government employees are going to benefit from these types of lanyards. Nowadays, security checkpoints are more prevalent than ever. As such, every employee is going to need to identify himself at one point or another.

But, before stepping into an important meeting with legislators, a breakaway can be popped off and then easily replaced when necessary. Indeed, breakaways are a versatile and useful addition to nearly every workforce.

They Aid In Our Forgetfulness

How many times have you walked past a vehicle and seen someone’s lanyard and ID hanging from the rearview mirror? While we wouldn’t recommend this (for security reasons), you can see why people do it.

If you get into a more secure habit (say, leaving your lanyard with your cell phone or keys), you’ll pop it on every morning and walk out the door knowing you didn’t forget anything.

Then, when it comes time to swipe into school or work, things are right where they need to be and you don’t have to rummage through your purse or pat all your pockets while you wonder where your ID badge went.

Simplify Today With Breakaway Lanyards!

Breakaway lanyards come in such a variety of options that it’s hard to say no to something that offers both design and safety. Speaking of which, feel free to get fancy with your breakaways by adding these unique badge clips.

Here at All Things ID, we can help you design and print your ID cards today and then dress them up with some of the most fabulous lanyards and clips. In the meantime, we hope all your workdays are full of productivity and safety!

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