Which visitor id badges are right for my event/facility/school?

Expiring, non-expiring, custom-printed -- it just seems so complicated to badge a visitor! But its necessary depending on your needs. Security is always a concern in the identification world so expiring visitor badges keeps visitors limited. For branding purposes, or places with not-so-heavy foot traffic, a custom printed badge may be the choice. Finally, the time-tested non-expiring badge is always a great solution.

Expiring Visitor Id Badges

Expiring visitor badges are great anywhere that needs a time-limit on visitors such as schools or facilities with contractors. Many are disposable and come in a variety of time-segments -- 4 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, etc -- and even child-friendly badges.

Not all expiring badges have to be disposable. We offer a variety of reusable badges for visitors such as contractors and vendors on which you place an expiring sticker.

Some of our customers have told us that using expiring badges works well for managing volunteers at events. When their badge has expired, their shift is over and the security has a visual cue of who is allowed in and out despite many having a badge.

Custom-Printed Visitor Id Badges

Some larger facilities like to use custom-printed visitor badges for different departments. Some departments may receive different guests and its good for each one to be identified correctly. Many of our customers like the branding opportunity of badges and have facilities in the midst of other businesses. Having someone walking around with their logo on is a definite benefit.

Other customers simply have less floaters and opt for the more permanent, one-time solution. Guests come in, get a badge, visit, and then return the badge at the end. It's a simple and good solution.

Non-Expiring Visitor Id Badges

Nothing quite as well as the time-tested write-and-stick badge. It seems it doesn't matter exactly what kind of business or event you're running, a 3x4 sticky badge will work just about any place. They are disposable, the person writes their own name, and the big, red "Visitor" at the top makes it easy to see who they are.

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