What Questions Should I Answer Before I Buy an Id Card Printer?

How many cards will I be printing per year?

This is a big one.  It will determine if you should be looking at a high volume id printer or a low volume id printer.  There can be a significant price difference between the two.  No since in paying for more id system than you really need.

Will you be printing single-sided cards or dual-sided cards?

Single sided id card printers print on one side of a pvc card at a time.  You can even print on both sides of a card but, you will have to manually flip the card over to print the backside.  Double sided id card printers have a built in mechanism that will flip a card automatically without any manual help from the user.  High volume printers are almost always double sided as well.

How long do you want your card to last?

If you need your cards to last longer or they are just naturally in a harsh environment you may want to consider a printer that can be upgraded to laminate your ID cards.

Will you be using technology cards or plain pvc cards?

Not all id card printers can be upgraded to use smart cards or magnetic stripe cards.  So if you need to print on other than a standard PVC card be sure to choose an upgradeable printer that can encode cards.

Will your printer be on a network, or will it be a standalone printer?

If you are going to use your printer on one desktop computer you will not need to worry about network connectivity.  If you need multiple people to access the same id printer, then you need a network compatible id printer so it can easily be accessed by people on your local area network (LAN)

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