What Id Supplies Do I Need For My Id Card Printer?

Printer Ribbons

Printer Ribbons

Id badge printer ribbons for a start.  All id card printers use a dye sublimation printer ribbon to print your information onto a pvc card.  This is a thermal process that makes for a photograpic print in alomost unlimited colors.  Some of the more popular id printer ribbons are for id card printer brands like: FargoDatacard, Evolis, FargoMagicardPolaroidNisca, Zebra and IDP.  These are the id printer ribbons we use in-house to supply our custom id printing service. We are authorized resellers of every one of our printer ribbons, so you can count on a certified quality printer ribbons.  These ribbons range from monocolor, to YMCK, and even some specalty types are avalaible like  scratch-off.

ID Cards

PVC Cards

Next you will have to keep a supply of something to print on, that is where blank PVC  Cards come into play.  There's no printing employee badges without the cards themselves. We have a variety of blank cards in the standard CR-80 size which is defined as 3.370 inches wide and 2.125 inches high with a thickness is 0.030 inches.  These cards fit all of the id card printers that we offer. Other options for card stock you may want to keep on hand are magnetic stripe cards for encoding to work with swipe readers like some time keeping systems and proximity cards for access control to be used with a security door reader system. 

Printing Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Id card printer cleaning supplies are a great preventative maintanence safguard against damge and inconsistent printing.  Our official certified cleaning supplies are made to keep your printing smooth and true.  Some of the printer ribbon kits come with cleaning supplies as well, but it's good to have extra on hand for contamination mishaps.  Our most common cleaning supplies are for Datacard Supplies, Evolis Supplies IDP Supplies.   Supplies usually include cleaning cards to keep rollers clean so they don't contaminate new cards and swabs for cleaning the printhead.


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