What Id Holder Should I Use to Display Employee Id Badges?

Clear badge holder

Now that you've got Id badges to display, the best way to show them off depends on your needs. Most badges are put into a soft clear badge holder or color badge holder but, that's not absolutely necessary if you have your badges slotted. The simplest solution to a slotted badge is the classic badge clip which lets someone clip the badge to their shirt, pant, belt, etc.  Soft badge holders can also be custom printed with a company logo.


  Black Horizontal 2-Sided Multi-Card Holder 3.65" x 2.94" 


The next type of badge holder is the hard plastic badge holder.  They are made of rigid plastic to protect an id card from bending and some can even hold multiple cards.  They come in two general categories of open face id holders and enclosed id holders called "card dispensers".  

Black Vinyl Horizontal 1-Pocket Magnetic Badge Holder 3.5" x 2.125" 501-T1 Magnetic Badge Holder MagnaTrioTM Qty 50 5730-3040 

Magnetic badge holders are another id card carrying option and are a really good solution for wearing an id badge on your clothing without having to clip or pin it.

100 - Rigid 2 Id Card Holder - FIPS 201 Shielded PIV CAC 1840-5081

For high security applications there are shielded badge holders that prevent a proximity card or smart card from being skimmed by a potential bad actor.  These come in soft and rigid styles and take security to a new level.

Clear Vinyl Vertical Arm Band Badge Holder with White Strap 2.75" x 3.8" 504-ARFW

When other badge holder are not appropriate an alternative is an armband id holder.


Two other robust options are lanyards or reels.

Cord lanyards Online-Design-a-Lanyard-Tool 

Most of our customers choose a simple reliable round cord lanyard. They come with several different attachments like swivel hooks, bulldog clips, and key rings. Flat lanyards are another good option and are wider than cord lanyards and lay flat around your neck.  For added safety, there are breakaway lanyards available in round or flat styles as well with all the same types of attachments. If company branding is a priority then creating a custom lanyard with our lanyard designer would be a good fit.  A favorite of law enforcement are badge chains that come in nickel plated steel or colored plastic beaded chains.  Lanyards are great for displaying employee id badges, but no-so-hot when it comes to proximity cards and access control door readers.

Badge reels

Badge reels are a must if your id badges are also proximity cards. Badge reels have a cord inside of them so the badges can be pulled out and scanned. Most badge reels are meant to be clipped to a shirt or pant pocket, but there are also carabiner badge reels which can clip securely to belt loops. And for those that really like the lanyard but still need the badge to be extendable there are lanyards with badge reel attachments.  You also have branding opportunities with custom printing on badge reels.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the badge holders we carry but, should get you going in the right direction when thinking about displaying your id badges.

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