What are the Methods of Customizing Lanyards?

Three lanyard customizing methods

Our custom lanyards come in all sorts of combinations and sizes, but there are three basic methods for customizing them.  The three methods are screen printing, woven fabric, and dye sublimation.  Our custom lanyard designer does them all so lets break them down so you can make an informed buying decision.

Screen printed lanyards

custom silk screen lanyards

The silk screen printing option is a popular choice and can be very economical and comes in a variety of materials.  Up to three colors can be imprinted, with around a ten day turnaround time.  You will find a full range of colors and options in our designer. Just right for holding id badges, keys, or whatever you can attach.

Custom woven lanyards

custom woven lanyards

A customized woven lanyard is a great option for creating a lasting impression and displaying name tags.  The lettering is not printed, but made directly into a high quality polyester lanyard material .  Only one imprint color for this method though and it is limited to one side of the lanyard.

Dye sublimated lanyards - Unlimited colors

custom lanyards dye sublimation

This is the choice for custom lanyards with intricate designs. Featuring full color capability and edge to edge detail that only the dye sublimation process can deliver.   You will love the high quality satin-like polyester material and the wide range of badge holder accessories available. Great for school pride or as an event giveaway item. 

Which customizing method is best

There really is no method that is better than another at face value.  What makes one way of making a custom lanyard better is what you want to put on it and what you want it to look like.  For instance, there would be no need to use the dye sublimation method if you only want a single color imprint lanyard.  In that case a screen printed lanyard would be the way to go.  So it really just depends on what you are trying to accomplish as to which method is the best to use.  We are always happy to help, so just contact us or call 1-800-560-8158

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