Swivel Hook Lanyards - Round Cord Colored Lanyards

Product Image ModelDsc Price Item Name
Baumgartens Lanyards - 120 Lanyards - 68909
BAU68909 $73.32

Baumgartens Lanyards - 120 Lanyards - 68909

 Baumgartens Lanyards - 120 Lanyards - 68909  Classic Baumgartens Rugged nylon cord with hook. This lanyard works great for ID badges or whistles. Lanyards Length: 38". Great lanyard color selection: white, red, blue, green, yellow, black, and purple.     Need a custom...
Baumgartens Pull-Apart Lanyard - 24 Lanyards - 69609
BAU69609 $43.06

Baumgartens Pull-Apart Lanyard - 24 Lanyards - 69609

 Baumgartens Pull-Apart Lanyard - 24 Lanyards - 69609  Baumgartens 37" Black Lanyard Neck Cord with removable ring and hook. Width: 3/8". Keys and id cards can be hard to handle everyday. An everyday solution to have them at hand is with this pull apart lanyard. Available in...

Round Swivel Hook Lanyards

Color-code your facility with swivel clip lanyards

Swivel hook attachments are our most popular lanyard attachment. Many of our customers have information on the back of their badges like emergency codes or phone numbers. The swivel hook makes it easy to quickly turn the badge. It's also significantly easier to add items to the swivel hook than a key ring.

These colored lanyards can be great for color-coding staff, volunteers, or employees at events and facilities. The color of the lanyards can be noticed from afar letting people see potential staff members, volunteers, medical help, or it can be used for security purposes as well.

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