Breakaway Lanyards Black 1/8" Swivel-Hook 2137-2001

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  • Model: 2137-2001
  • Manufactured by: Brady

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 Brady Breakaway Lanyards Black 1/8" Swivel-Hook 2137-2001 

These Breakway Lanyards are black and round with standard Breakaways and Nickel-Plated Steel Swivel-Hook. A Good Choice For A Low Cost Safety Lanyard. 1/8" (3 Mm) Round; 36" Cut Length Prior To Assembly And Comes With A Black Breakaway. Sold In Bags Of 100 Pieces.

 Brady Breakaway Lanyards Black 1/8" Swivel-Hook 2137-2001 

Swivel hook attachments are our most popular lanyard attachment. Many of our customers have information on the back of their badges like emergency codes or phone numbers. The swivel hook makes it easy to quickly turn the badge. It's also significantly easier to add items to the swivel hook than a key ring.

These colorized lanyards can be great for color-coding employees in different departments for security, access restrictions, or for telling visitors apart from staff. The breakaway clasp on the lanyard will keep anyone wearing the lanyard safe. If the lanyard gets snagged on anything, the breakaway clasp will open and keep the person wearing the lanyard from getting tugged along with it.



Do you need a breakaway lanyard? If you are not sure, please read our article When should I use a breakaway lanyard?

Breakaway lanyards are a perfect safety lanyard which help the wearer safe by featuring a quick release safety breakaway built into the lanyard.  For instance, if the lanyard was caught in a machine, the quick release on the lanyard would breakaway from the wearer instead of pulling and potentially injuring them.

Since most lanyards can be made into a breakaway lanyard, we have categorized the lanyards by the most bought. Breakaway lanyards with swivel hooks most often solves our customers' safety as well as identification needs. We also provide multiple-breakaway lanyards for those with greater safety concerns, allowing the lanyard to have multiple points of failure.

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