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Get the right shape custom hole punch

Made in USA for railway or bus line use or wherever a sturdy long wearing custom hole punch shape is required.  This is no flimsy craft punch and is not meant to be used for paper craft.  It is however perfect for your business loyalty card program, a quality control inspection punch, or a fire extinguisher inspection tag punch. All paper punches are not alike!  Ours hahole punch shapesve hardened steel dies, large custom punching visibility and many unique hole punch shapes. The hand punch finger ring is welded to the handle for easy handling or attaching security to chains.

We have a huge selection of hole punch shapes, Punch numbers, and Punch letters. We can even turn your logo into a loyalty punch most of the time (contact us for details and extra tooling charges). If you need a custom hole puncher that is different from the rest, then look no further.

  Ships World-Wide contact us for international shipping details. 

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Hole punch shapes  1 - 100 are in stock and ready to ship

We stock shapes 1 - 100 on a regular basis, but as with any custom product a production time of 3-4 weeks may apply.

Custom punch specifications:

  • Shape sizes range from 1/8" to 1/4" depending on the designated shape.
  • Punch reach is upto 1-1/4" 
  • Can be built to punch paper card stock upto 32 mil plastic card
  • Machined to percision tolerances
  • Durable high polish nickel plate finish
  • Hardened steel pivot pin lubricated for life of the hand punch
  • Hardened steel hole punch shape dies for years of durability


More punch power

Some people seem to think that every kind of hole punch works the same. However, this is simply not true. A common type of hole punch that many people try to use is a craft punch. Unfortunately, these are often designed to be used on only very thin paper for arts and crafts purposes. Therefore, as soon as you get to anything that is thicker than a standard sheet of paper, the hole punch suddenly becomes unable to perform its sole job due to a lack of power.

By upgrading to the custom hole punch, you give yourself increased power, meaning that you gain the ability to use it on a variety of materials. Besides being able to be used on standard paper, it can also handle thicker kinds of paper as well as a variety of cards. This amount of power is something that you won’t be able to find in a standard hole punch at a crafting supplies store.

Increased durability

When you spend the money on any product, you do not want it to break right away. If a hole punch is designed using subpar materials, then there is a good chance that it will structurally fail after being used for only a short period of time. However, when upgrading to the hardened steel custom hole punches, you get a product that is designed to last a long time.


When a product is made more durable and can utilize increased power, that means that it is going to be able to be used for more tasks than the average hole punch. Our punches are often used to fill out loyalty cards as part of a company’s loyalty plan. 

Although this is the main use for the custom hole punches, it is by no means the only use. They can also be used to verify purchase tickets on buses or trains. In some cases, these products may also be used in the quality inspection industry in order to officially mark a successful inspection of a product.

Hole punch shapes for every occasion

For almost any company, appearance is everything. That means that they always have to be working hard in order to ensure that their customers view them as positively as possible. In order to help with this, custom hole punches are able to provide a variety of hole punch shapes that can even make multiple shapes at once and be created based on a company logo. Historically some popular muli-character punches include words like “PAID” or “VOID”

Rather than just using a standard circular shape, they can come in the form of a hockey stick, heart, star, barbell, and thousands of other shapes. This will add a bit of flair to a company’s procedures, which customers are sure to notice and appreciate.

These hole punch shapes are not like other shapes you will find with mass produced hole punches. The craftsmanship of these tools are clear once you pick it up and examine the intensive work that went into hand crafting the perfect custom shape. With these custom hole punches, you will have a tool that is as unique as your company and makes the perfect addition to any loyalty program.

yellow light bulbPopular Custom Hole Punch Shapes by Name

These custom hole punch shape names and numbers are some of our more popular shapes.  Just look up the shape number in our hole punch shape guide to see what the design looks like.  If you like a particular shape design you can order your custom hole punch in that design usig the number off the design. We still have tons of shapes that don't have names so browse the hole punch shape guide if you don't ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhat Are The Different Kinds of Custom Hole Punches You Make?

Our custom hole punches come in thousands of shapes and combinations.  Not only do we have literally well over a thousand shapes but, we can do letters and numbers as well.  To make even more custom punch combinations, punches can be made in one, two, three, and four letter or number combinations.  That's not even the end of it, we can also make ... [READ MORE]

Contact us if your project is time sensitive

If your custom hole punch project is time sensitive contact us right away or call 1-800-560-8158.  We may be able to expedite your project or make another recommendation to help move things along faster.  We are on your team!

Quantity discounts are available

If you need more than five custom hole punches we can give you special discount pricing depending on how many custom punches will be ordered.  The more you order the more you save.

How to order your hole punch

Just choose the custom shape you want from the "Click Here For Available Shapes" image above and record it's number in the field below. Then choose the maximum thickness material you need to punch. It's that simple...Punch cards for custom punch




Product Options:

Choose the maximum stock thickness you need to punch.

Record the number of the punch shape you would like here.

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