Three Letters - Vertical Number & Letter Hole Punch 3-V-Ticket

  • Model: 3-V-Ticket
  • Manufactured by: AllThingsId


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 AllThingsId Three Letters - Vertical Number & Letter Hole Punch 3-V-Ticket 

This vertical number and letter custom hole punch is a quality tool manufactured in the United States of America. It's made of steel and has high-leverage grips and will work in 10 years as well as the day it was crafted. Because these are unique, made-to-order punches most won't have the exact letter combination you choose making them perfect for quality assurance checks, loyalty cards, letters, and paper.

This vertical letter hole punch has three letters/numbers and punches as if the letters have been rotated clock-wise.

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Ships World-Wide contact us for international shipping details. Because of the craftsmenship and the custom nature of the job a production time of 3-4 weeks may apply.

How to order: Type in the three letters and/or numbers you would like to appear on the punch. Case sensitivity doesn't matter as there are only upper-case letters. See the letters below or in the product image to get an idea of how the letters look.

Our Custom Hole Punches

Vertical Number Letter Hole Punch

Vertical custom number and letter hole punches go all the way up to four letters and punch so the acronym or word is read from top to bottom or downwards. Since there are many combinations of letters, they are good for branding as well as the typical use cases of quality assurance, loyalty cards, and letterhead personalization.

Horizontal Number Letter Hole Punch

Horizontal custom number and letter hole punches can go up to two letters and punch so the acronym or word is read normally from left to right. These punches are very useful for loyalty card security because these punches are custom and made to order. They also work very well with quality assurance as the initials of an employer's name.

Custom Ticket Hole Punch

Our custom ticket punch has over a thousand different shapes from which to choose. The punch only punches a single shape, but since it is a custom shape it does a fine job of loyalty card security as well as general quality assurance at a facility. If you can't find a shape or would like to make a new one, contact us and we'll help you straight away.

 AllThingsId Three Letters - Vertical Number & Letter Hole Punch 3-V-Ticket 

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