Hand Held ID Slot Punch IDSLOT

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  • Model: IDSLOT
  • Manufactured by: AllThingsId

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 AllThingsId Hand Held ID Slot Punch IDSLOT 

Made in the USA. Punches cards up to .32 mil thick. Distance from edge of card to top of slot is 3/16". Industry Standard Slot Size: 1/8 x 1/2" (3 x 12.5mm).

 AllThingsId Hand Held ID Slot Punch IDSLOT 

All Things Identification carries a large selection of every kind of slot punch and die cutter on the market. Slot punches are used to create a slot on the top of an id card so a badge holder can be attached to the id card. Die cutters are used to cut down photos and trim out laminated id cards.  All Things Identification has slot punches and die cutters from low volume hand held and manual table top to high volume electric table top models.

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