Single Sided ID Card Printers

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Easy Id Printer System $2195.00

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Easy Id Printer System

The 1-2-3 Easy Id System has its name because of the three steps needed to print the first badge: 1) design the badge, 2) take the employee's photo, and 3) print. Oh, one more thing -- it's called "Easy Id System" because it comes with everything you need to get printing! The...
Primacy Id Card Printer Single Sided $1890.50

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Primacy Id Card Printer Single Sided

The Primacy id card printer for single-sided printing. ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY Primacy personalizes color cards in record time: up to 225 cards per hour for single-sided printing and 140 cards per hour for dual-sided. The printer offers a large autonomy thanks to its high capacity card feeder and...
Smart 30S Id Card Printer $1477.50  $983.00
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Smart 30S Id Card Printer

The card printer for small organizations The Smart-30S id card printer is a single-sided id card printer system for entry-level jobs. Despite being entry-level, the 30S id card printer features all the Smart Series features that other Smart Series printers boast such as fast printing at about 150...
SP25 Plus ID Card Printer $1580.00

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SP25 Plus ID Card Printer

A reliable, easy to use manual feed card printer.  The Datacard® SP25 Plus card printer offers both full-color/monochrome card printing and innovative rewritable card technology in a flexible, dual-function design. This unique, affordable printer is an ideal solution for low-volume...
SR200 ID Card Printer $3990.00

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SR200 ID Card Printer

Datacard® SR200 single sided retransfer card printers are a gateway to greater cardholder satisfaction and ultimate card program flexibility. These printers empower government agencies, corporations, universities, and other organizations to reliably issue highly secure, personalized, durable...
SD160 ID Card Printer $1480.00

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SD160 ID Card Printer

Datacard's SD160 is the perfect entry-level single-sided badge printer for low-to-medium sized jobs. With high-quality direct-to-card and edge-to-edge printing, this printer has the capability of launching your badging program and keeping it in orbit for a long, long time. Product Features ...
SD260 ID Card Printer $1930.00

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SD260 ID Card Printer

The best card issuance value on anyone’s desktop The Datacard SD260 one-sided card printer is packed with industry-leading innovations that make desktop ID card printing simple and economical. As part of the SD Series card printer family, the SD260 is ideal for businesses, schools,...
Smart-50S Single Sided Id Printer System 650793K $1777.50

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Smart-50S Single Sided Id Printer System 650793K

The Smart-50S id card printer is a single-sided printer system for small-to-medium sized jobs while maintaining the utmost security. The printer boasts a speedy print of a full-color, single-sided card every 18 seconds or about 200 cards-per-hour  while also printing to the full edge. ...
Zenius Id Card Printer $1415.50

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Zenius Id Card Printer

Zenius makes it easy for you every step of the way! Discover a wealth of advanced features loaded in a contemporary yet compact design. Card feeder and output tray located at the front of the printer Manual feeder Control panel with LEDs Equipped with state-of-the-art printing technologies, the...

Why would I use a single sided id card printer?

Well the simple fact is it depends on the kind of card you want to print. If you are primarily putting all of your information on one side of the card, there is no need to invest in the extra cost of a dual sided id card printer.  Some people assume there is a speed difference, but the only difference is in the print cycle.  Obviously a single sided card will be finished printing before a double sided card at equal print speeds.

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