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Quantum Dual Sided Id Card Printer $8075.00

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Quantum Dual Sided Id Card Printer

The Quantum printer is the solution for printing and encoding cards in large volumes. It personalizes the cards front and back, in color or monochrome, with a record printing speed. With a feed tray and stacker capacity of 500 cards each, the Quantum printer can deliver more than 1000 cards per hour in monochrome and 150 cards in color. 

Thanks to reversible encoding module (magnetic stripes, contact smart cards and contactless cards) independent from the print module, the cards are encoded and printed in a single pass.  

Quantum has been designed to be personalized on-site, directly by the user. For instance, you can add or reverse an encoder very easily and quickly.

The card production system adapts to your evolutive needs: single or dual sided printing, diverse encoding modules, printing options and plastic card types available.

Quantum can handle large volumes of cards with very high print quality, providing a very economical alternative to industrial card printers.

You can control your costs and produce your cards yourself instead of having to go to an outside provider.

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