HID® 1391 MicroProx Tag - LSSMN 26 - 100 Tags

  • Model: 1391
  • Manufactured by: HID


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 HID® 1391 MicroProx Tag - LSSMN 26 - 100 Tags

The MicroProx Tag provides the convenience of HID's proximity H10301 technology in a small disk-shaped transponder. Simply attach the adhesive-backed Tag to any nonmetallic card or device, and you instantly have a prox card!

With the MicroProx Tag you can upgrade from magnetic stripe or barium ferrite technologies by simply adhering the Tag to your existing access card. Easily and cost-effectively turn a plastic ID badge or contact smartchip card into a proximity credential!

Add proximity access control capability to users' cell phones, PDAs and other similar nonmetallic devices. Experience the convenience of proximity without the expense of rebadging!

Features: RF programmable, 125 kHz, customer specified numbers. Great for adhering to identification badges or current access control cards.

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  • Enter the "Sequential start number". This is the starting number of your sequential numbering sequence. If you leave this field blank the number will be chosen randomly, which is fine in many instances.

    If you have any question please contact us @ 1-800-560-8158. We are proximity card experts and can help you get the right product for the right application.

 HID 1391 MicroProx Tag - HID Proximity Adhesive Tag- 100 Tags 1391 

Proximity entry cards (or Prox Cards) is a generic name for contactless integrated circuit devices used for security access or payment systems. It can refer to the older 125 kHz devices or the newer 13.56 MHz contactless RFID cards, most commonly known as contactless smartcards. Modern proximity entry cards are covered by the ISO/IEC 14443 (Proximity Card) standard. There is also a related ISO/IEC 15693 (Vicinity Card) standard. Proximity entry cards are powered by resonant energy transfer and have a range of 0-3 inches in most instances.

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