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Print ID cards with one of our top brand printers & ID card software or outsource your ID card program to All Things ID  -- the ID card experts since 1999.

Already have an ID card printer and are looking for supplies? Try our Id Printer Supply category.

I need some custom ID badges, where should I start?

When our customers ask this question, we usually bounce back with what is right for you? Many of our customers choose to use our ID card printing service where, with your approval, we design, print, and ship any number of ID cards to any number facilities. Others choose to print in-house by using our printers and software to make their own custom ID cards.. Both choices can be as robust or simple, small or large as you need.

Our ID Card Printing Service

We are the ID card experts and have been since 1999. Whether you need some one-time employee ID cards or event passes or need to make new custom ID badges every week or anywhere in between, our ID card printing service can handle any load. Many ofHand holding custom id badge our customers have commented they love the hassle-free nature of just getting us to do the work.

ID cards have nearly limitless options. Nearly anything can be printed on those plastic cards, but we've found a good blend of what works. Of course, there's never two customers alike and we always keep your needs in mind first.

In-house printing with an Id Card Printer

Printing in-house can be as small or large as you need. For heavy printing we've got an array of world-class ID card printers too choose. Most choices come down to three questions: 1) Do you need double sided printing? 2) how many cards are you printing per day? And 3) do you need security for your cards? Here are some examples based on feedback from our customers.

For low-volume printing with no need for security we have the Single & Double sided Evolis Elypso printer as welll as the Singled Sided Datacard SD160. Both of these printers are robust, simple to use printers that can easily handle printing badges for new contractors, visitors, or replacements for lost badges.

For security and high-volume the Datacard SD460 is the prime choice. It features a number of security features such as custom overlays for ID cards and single-pass encoding (rather than multi-pass, eating up precious time on a single card).

If you don't exactly know where you stand, there's always the 1-2-3 Easy Id Card System which comes with everything needed to get printing the day you receive it. The printer holds up to most jobs and can even be field-fitted with more accessories down-the-line for more robust capabilities.

And if all of this is too much, our ID service is more than ready to take on your load.

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