"How to make photo ID cards for employees?", When our customers ask this question, we say with what is right for you. Many of our customers choose to use our NetCloudID Badging Platform where we design, print, and ship your ID cards to a single location or multiple facilities. Others choose to print in-house by using the id card printers and software we sell to make their own custom ID cards. Both choices can work and scale as small or large as you need.

NetCloudID Online ID Portal

Whether you need some one-time employee ID cards or event passes or need to make new custom ID badges every week or anywhere in between, our NetCloudID card printing service can handle any load. The beginning of using NetCloudID is the design of the card. We make that super easy for you because we do it for you. You can start with on of our free id card templates or if you already have a design in mind just send the artwork and we will create your design. Not sure what your want your design to look like, no problem, we will give you some ideas. Many of our custom id badge customers have commented they love the hassle-free nature of how NetCloudID keeps all of their id badge information organized and in one place. Especially customers who have several locations. Each location or office can be setup in your id badge portal and orders can be placed for id cards as needed. 

ID cards have nearly limitless options. Nearly anything can be printed on those plastic cards, but we've found a good blend of what works. Of course, there's never two customers alike and we always keep your needs in mind first. Don't worry, we will help keep things very simple to use.

In-house printing with an Id Card Printer

Printing in-house can be as small or large as you need. For heavy printing we've got an array of world-class ID card printers too choose.

Most choices come down to three questions:

1) Do you need double sided printing?

2) how many cards are you printing per day?

3) do you need security for your cards?

Here are some examples based on feedback from our customers.

For low-volume printing with no need for security we have the Single & Double sided IDP printers as well as the Singled Sided Datacard SD160. Both of these choices are robust, simple to use printers that can easily handle printing badges for new contractors, visitors, or replacements for lost badges.

For security and high-volume the Datacard SD460 is the prime choice. It features a number of security features such as custom overlays for ID cards and single-pass encoding (rather than multi-pass, eating up precious time on a single card).

If you don't exactly know where you stand, give us a call and let us do a helpful needs analysis. We know the right questions to ask to make sure you get the right fit for you.