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Custom ID Badges - Single Sided $6.99

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Min:  10


Custom ID Badges - Single Sided

Why choose a single-sided ID card? Single-sided ID cards will give you room for plenty of information for most companies . Typically on an ID card you want to have a photo employee name possibly an employee number with job title and of course the company logo . A single-sided badge can do all...
Custom ID Badges - Double Sided $7.99

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Min:  10


Custom ID Badges - Double Sided

Do I need a double sided? Sided two-sided ID cards give you all the same information has a 1 sided badge but give the whole back side for other information that an employee may need at a later time. OSHA regulations, hospital codes, company slogans, emergency phone numbers, safety information, or...
Custom ID Badges - Adhesive Back $7.49

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Min:  10


Custom ID Badges - Adhesive Back

What is an adhesive back ID badge and why use it? Well these ID cards are printed on a thinner PVC stock that has a special adhesive on the back. Why would you want such a card you might ask, well they come in really handy if you're using clamshell proximity cards. Clamshell proximity cards are...
Custom ID Badges - Programmed Proximity Card $11.99

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Min:  10


Custom ID Badges - Programmed Proximity Card

How do I create a program proximity card for my company? Programmed proximity cards are a snap with All Things Identification. We can program and print your employee access cards with the information that you need. It's no problem to put your logo, your an employee name, employee number, and...
Plastic Visitor Id Badges - Custom Printed Visitor Badge $4.99

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Min:  10


Plastic Visitor Id Badges - Custom Printed Visitor Badge

Who needs a plastic visitor ID badge? Well as you might guess any company that has visitors going in and out through a receptionist Lobby. Plastic visitor badges are assigned to visitors as they come in and are recorded in a logbook with their associated badge number to their name. When the Visitor...

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See what our most recent customers who have shopped for ID Card Printers, Lanyards, Badge Holders, Badge reels or have used our Employee Badge Service have to say about us.  We have thousands of satisfied customers that use our quality ID Printer Brands as well as Printer and ID supplies every day. Take a minute to read what real customers have to say about their experience with our company and our great products. All reviews are from real customers of AllThingsID who were polled by our partners at More third party reviews can be found at Shopper Approved's website.


How economical is the NetCloudID Badging Platform compared to an Id Card Printer System?

The short answer is very economical. So let's take a look at buying id equipment versus outsourcing your id badges using NetCloudID. An entry level id card printer with all the equipment and id supplies needed to print 500 id cards is going to be in the $1500 to $2000 range. So you will have everything you need to print 500 id badges. Basically you are paying for the ability to make and issue id badges up front before you make the 500 cards. You will have a capital investment of the card printer and id software to install and learn. You may also have the occasional update to the printer firmware and possibly id software updates for operating systems. With our id badging platform you pay for the id cards as you need them. Our minimum initial order is 10 id badges. Great for small companies or contractors. But let's go apples to apples here. To make 500 id cards with NetCloudID the cost would be approximately $2000 after you made them all. So now you have the same amount of potential id badges but you can order and pay for them as you need them. See how it’s different? With our online badging platform you pay for cards as you need them. Another plus is you have no capital investment in id equipment or printer maintenance and no software to learn or have to update. Cloud based NetCloudID is always up to date and we make sure it is very easy to use. Keep in mind, one way is not better than the other, it just depends on what your needs are at this time. We sell the best names in id printer systems everyday but, we realize that an id system is not the right call for every situation. If you need a little help in sorting out the benefits of using the NetCloudID badging platform for your id badge needs, give us a call @ 1-800-560-8158

Need multi-site Id badge creation and issuance all in one place?

Some companies or schools have many satellite locations that only have a small number of staff or students. There is no way an onsite id badge printer would be affordable or make sense. NetCloudID badging platform lets you create work or education id badges for as many different locations as you need. That’s right, our id badge platform can handle hundreds of locations all from a single easy to use administrative account. Each location can have identical custom id badge template or each badge design can be individualized for that location with different logos or regional information. Sometimes id issuance is centrally controlled and is the responsibility of one person or maybe a small team. That’s no problem at all but, sometimes there can be so many locations that it’s just too much for one person to collect photos for id cards and all the relevant variable employee or student information. Well, we have the id solution for you. NetcloudID has the ability to assign users from the main account. That means you can maintain control of issuing certain locations while assigning authority to other locations to order their own id badges as they need them.  We are not just talking different departments but, locations in diffent states are no problem at all. It may sound a little complicated but, we keep it simple for you to use and make it easy to setup anyway you want it. All badges get printed on our top of the line Id card printers and shipped directly to where you want them to go.  Take a look at this case study on how NetCloudID helped a heathcare company take control of their id badge program.


How to get started with Netcloud ID Badge Maker:

Printing ID cards can be time consuming. Our online id software service makes it painless to get ID cards printed and shippedCustom ID card on a retractable reel quick.  Don't worry you won't have to have any software installed, so that will make your IT staff happy and any tech support easy.  You won't have to learn any new design tools either, we will do it for you or work off an existing design you have.  There is virually no limit to the color palette we can use with a wide range of card infromation including barcode cards.  Also, you will always have the latest version of our ID maker platform because it is online.

What do I need before I get started with my custom badges?

The biggest factor is knowing the information you'd like to put on your custom employee ID card. We will design the ID card and get your approval before printing, but we need all the information first.

What information needs to be on my badges?

Start by thinking about what needs to be printed on every custom employee ID card. The company logo or a slogan is a vital piece of branding information that many of our customers forget. It's easy to think that an ID card's only use is identifying an employee or contractor or whomever, but that's simply not the case. Many of our customers like to include their OSHA slogan on the backside. We often print hospital emergency codes on the backside so that every employee will have an instant reference in the event of an emergency.

These pieces of information are things that don't change and will be on every ID card. We also need the information that does change on each ID card, like employee ID numbers, contractor titles, names, and photos of the person.

What kind of card do I need for my badges?

The single-sided employee ID card with the photo and name is a near-universal solution. Dual-sided ID cards are common for businesses that need technical or contact information and usually put that information on the backside.

Depending on exactly what information you have, barcodes are very common. The barcodes are normally encoded employee ID numbers. They are part of a time keeping or security system where they are scanned by readers. More sophisticated solutions use smart cards as well as proximity cards so the ID card also serves as an entry-access card.

There are a few options which can be added to any type of custom employee ID card which are signature panels and security overlays. Signature panels are for hand-writing a signature on the card not unlike the signature slots on the back of credit cards. Security overlays are commonly holograms which "shine" when viewing the card indirectly at an angle and are used to spot and prevent forgeries.



Our ID Badge Maker Service by Type

Single-Sided Badges

Single-sided employee photo ids can go a long way. Not only are they great for identifying employees to customers, they serve as a branding opportunity as well. These high quality photo id badges are great for any company, big or small, who just need to put a name to a smile.  Size is similar to a drivers license or credit card.  Read how this ID product solve a big problem for a large Healthcare company. Case study: Healthcare XYZ needs Multi-facility ID Badges

Double-Sided Badges

Double-sided photo id cards take advantage of that extra area on the backside of the badge. Many businesses require that emergency information be in reach of all employees and the reverse side of a custom id card certainly fits the bill. If you need extra information, double-sided is for you.

Visitor ID

Our visitor id badges are perfect for small, quick meetings all the way to large, 3-day events. These badges don't end at temporary events -- they are excellent for security purposes at any existing facility. No matter what your situation, we're sure that there's a visitor badge that can fit your solution.

All Things Identification's Company ID card printing service has been saving businesses time and money on custom corporate id badges since 1999. Our new innovative id card maker online is even faster and so easy to use.  Our employee ID card experts can take over the printing of your employee ID badges without expensive equipment to buy or ID card software to learn. All while providing excellent customer service Contact us today @ 1-800-560-8158 to find out more.


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