Need multi-site Id badge creation and issuance all in one place?

Business and School Satellite Locations

Some companies or schools have many satellite locations that only have a small number of staff or students. There is no way an onsite id badge printer would be affordable or make sense. NetCloudID badging platform lets you create work or education id badges for as many different locations as you need.

Print Id Badges for Hundreds of Locations

That’s right, our id badge platform can handle hundreds of locations all from a single easy to use administrative account. Each location can have identical custom id badge template or each badge template design can be individualized for that location with different logos or regional information.

Who Orders the ID Badges

Sometimes id issuance is centrally controlled and is the responsibility of one person or maybe a small team. That’s no problem at all but, sometimes there can be so many locations that it’s just too much for one person to collect photos for id cards and all the relevant variable employee or student information.

Account Delagation

NetcloudID has the ability to assign users from the main account. That means you can maintain control of issuing certain locations while assigning authority to other locations to order their own id badges as they need them.  We are not just talking different departments but, locations in different states are no problem at all. 

We Keep It Simple

It may sound a little complicated, but we keep it simple for you to use.  We make it easy to customize setup anyway you want it. All badges get printed on our top of the line Id card printers and shipped directly to where you want them to go.  Take a look at this case study on how NetCloudID helped a large multi-site healthcare company take control of their id badge program.


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