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Plastic Card Printing

Plastic cards are prevalent in our daily lives, such as payment cards, driver's licenses, membership cards and employee identification badges. Their standard size, portability and durability make them the ideal choice for many applications. Id card printers let you print customized, secure and cost-effective cards on demand. They can be printed in color or monochrome and can be encoded with multiple features like magnetic stripes or radio frequency identification (RFID) to extend their use from highly secure employee IDs to gift card applications. ID card printers use a special dye sublimation technology which provides you with maximum efficiency for production of plastic cards for commercial and government applications.

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Id Card Printing Applications

Corporation / Employee Id Cards

Identification badges help you control access and provide enhanced security to your business, employees, and assets.

Printing ID cards on-site allows you to issue these cards to new employees, contractors and visitors immediately and

will provide visual authentication of the holder with a crisp clear image of the person or other data such as name, employee number, barcode, corporate insignia or trademarks.

Schools Id Cards

Universities, colleges and secondary schools are more frequently using identification cards for multiple uses.

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Id Card Encoding

Methods of Id Card Encoding

  • Magnetic Stripe

magnetic strip card is a type of card capable of storing data by modifying 

the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band of magnetic 

material on the card. 

some id card printers are capable of having a magnetic encoder installed inside of the printer to encode

various type of magnetic cards such as HiCo/LoCo, ISO and JIS magnetic cards.

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Easy Id Maker

Make ID badges with NetCloudId ID Badge Management System

Everybody says they make things easy, well we really do. We have been printing high quality custom ID badges since 1999 and we know a thing or two about the plastic card printing process. Our online ID badge maker is the culmination of everything we have learned about printing ID cards for companies. This ID platform is the simplest to use on the market today. We have very purposely kept it simple to use because we know our customers time is valuable. So let's go over some of the reasons why we have the easiest to use ID maker software.

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Florida Hospital Association standardized emergency codes

For more than a decade, the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) has been putting out recommendations on how to standardize hospital emergency codes in order to make facilities safer across the state. These recommendations are revised by healthcare workers and volunteers on a yearly basis to ensure that they stay as current as possible.

These codes provide uniformity at healthcare facilities across Florida, and while facilities aren’t required to adopt these recommendations, compliance is strongly encouraged by the FHA. The FHA recently released an updated set of recommendations for 2014, making now the perfect time to get your facility current with the latest list of codes and ensure that your patients and staff are as safe as possible.

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H10301 26-bit Proximity Card Format

The HID ordering code number for the Standard 26-bit format proximity cards is H10301

The Standard 26-Bit Format in which a card is programmed is determined by the data pattern that will be compatible with the access control panel. All HID proximity cards and proximity card compatables (card, fobs, tags, etc.) can be programmed with the standard 26-bit card data format. The Standard 26-bit Format is an Open Format. An Open Format means that anyone can buy HID cards in a specific format and that specific format description is publicly available. The 26-bit format is a widely used industry standard and is available to all HID customers. Almost all access control 

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IDP SMART Series Printer Troubleshooting


Cannot turn on the SMART Printer using the LED button on the front panel.

1. Check the main power switch on the backside of the SMART Printer (Press the switch " | ")

2. Check the connected state of the power cable on the backside of the SMART Printer.

3. Check the connected state of the power code, adapter and the electric outlet.

4. Check the adapter connected to the SMART Printer. We recommend you to use our certificated 

    adapter. If you use an uncertificated adapter, the printing or the encoding functions may have some troubles.


'Ribbon Not Found' is displayed on the LCD panel.

1. Check the installed state of ribbon into the ribbon cartridge. Please refer to "SMART Printer User Manual, 

     Ribbon Box and Quick Guide" in the SMART Printer Box for the procedure of ribbon installation.

2. After you install a new ribbon, if the SMART Printer recognizes the new ribbon, the RF Tag on the used 

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