FlashEx Industrial Shredder Media Destroyer

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  • Model: FlashEx
  • Shipping Weight: 140lbs
  • Manufactured by: Intimus

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Intimus FlashEx Media Destroyer

Real-Time, Easy Flash Media Destruction

With technology in the hands of everyone today with potentially confidential information the need for industrial shredders to destroy new flash media is just as important as destroying confidential paper documents. But the destruction of flash media is different than the destruction of paper. Most industry shredders require special power requirements or dedicated areas because of noise or dust. The Intimus FlashEx, however, is designed like the typical flash media device -- Plug and Play.

From high security USB Stick shredding to a SSD drive shredder and all the way to cell phone shredding the Intimus FlashEx is a special media shredder that's designed to be used anywhere, anytime. The FlashEx can be plugged into the standard power outlet and with a noise level of just 65 db, the FlashEx is quiet enough for the typical workplace.

The other unique aspect of the FlashEx is its shredding claw-like cylidners which destroy the media as well as pull the material into the shredder. The cylinders automatically reverse on thick material until the media is shredded into 4x15mm waste particles. Another feature is the Auto Safety opening which keeps the user safe but still able to watch the destruction through a viewing window.

Rather than storing sensitive media to be destroyed later which requires a secure, local storage space and increases the potential for theft -- pick the safe, reliable, real-time way to destroy sensitive media in the workplace by using the Intimus FlashEx.

Suitable Media for Destruction

  • SSD Drives
  • Smartphones
  • Mobile phones
  • Mini-tablets
  • USB-Sticks

Intimus FlashEx Technical Specs

→ Intimus FlashEx Spec Sheet

Security level DIN 66 399 O-3 / T-4 / E-3
Cutting size digital media (mm): 4 x 15
Working width (mm): 165 mm
Catchbasket volume (l): 30
Actual through-put (kg/h): ca. 100 Mobilephones 500 USB Sticks
Noise level (dB (A)): 65
Power consumption (kW): 1,9
Supply voltage (Volt): 230
Weight gross (kg): ca. 140
Weight net (kg): ca. 116
Width (cm): 61
Depth (cm): 58
Height (cm): 98

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