10 Mil Jumbo Laminating Pouch


The Good: Good Badge size and thickness. I like the 10mil the best. Others are too flimsy or to think.
The Not so Good: All Things I.D. uses FedEx as their primary shipper. I get only 1 out of three in usable condition. Sometimes the product is badly damaged or never delivered at all. A.T.I. makes good on damaged or lost shipments, that's a good think I like about them, however........ !!!! If you need something "On-Time", it's a hit-and-miss. Order early enough to give yourself time to re-order. Make sure you keep up with "Tracking" and watch it closely. Any deviation and you are sure to have a problem if you don't report it ASAP back to All Things Identification.
Date Added: 06/04/2012 by Indiana Jerry
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