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IDP Smart 30 Series
IDP Smart 30 Series

IDP value class id card printers SMART-30 Series value class ID card printer for everyone which is a perfect solution for printing ID cards at a lo...
IDP Smart 50 Series
IDP Smart 50 Series

IDP Smart 50 Printers Single-sided SMART-51S can be transformed into a dual-sided printer SMART 51D or into dual-sided printer with laminator ...
IDP Smart 51 Series
IDP Smart 51 Series

IDP SMART 51 Printers Single-sided SMART-51S can be transformed into a dual-sided printer SMART-51D or into a dual-sided printer with laminator SMA...

IDP Smart 70 Series
IDP Smart 70 Series

IDP high performance id card printers The SMART-70 a high-performance large capacity ID card printer designed by the unique modular concept th...

IDP Smart Series

IDP Smart Series Printers

These IDP card printers are built with security, print speed, and full color quality in mind. Every IDP ID system offers multiple encoding options and configurations to support everyone from low-risk badge printing to high-security access-card issuance. IDP's FINE™ color reproduction technology also keeps id cards looking crisp and brilliant with edge to edge printing.

The Smart Series manufactured by IDP Corporation, is a highly engineered dye-sublimation ID Card printer which provides you with maximum efficiency for production of plastic cards in commercial and government applications. SMART series is designed to support a flexible user environment, which makes it easy to choose the correct printer and save money. You can easily add a flipper or laminator, for dual sided printing or laminating, and various encoders such as magnetic stripe, contact and contactless. The enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology of the SMART series enables you to print high quality images. The SMART Series will be a perfect choice for Employee IDs, Membership Cards, Access Control Badges, Secure Government Credentials, Social Services Cards, and even the instant issuance of Banking cards. Please come and experience the flexibility and quality of the SMART series.


Clear printing by FINE™ Imaging Technology Instant direct heating mechanism for lamination *Patent Field upgradable options for dual sided printing and laminating Field upgradable encoders for magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart card Automatic ribbon recognition and no need for sensors & motors calibration Eco friendly rewritable printing (SMART-30R) 500 cards & scratch free (SMART-70) *Patent High-durability: Metal frame & shaft, all bearing (SMART-51 & 70)


User friendly design for desktop environment LCD & LED for status display of printer Easy Thermal Print Head (TPH) replacement Front input and output hoppers (SMART-30 & 51) Drop-in ribbon cartridge (SMART-30 & 51) Full modular design (SMART-70) Drawer type ribbon cartridge (SMART-70)


SMART SDK, to develop customized applications SMART Utilities, to check working states and adjust configurations Smart ID for designing and issuing cards On-Line technical support

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