HID 1346 ProxKey III - HID Key Fob

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  • Model: 1346
  • Manufactured by: HID


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 HID 1346 ProxKey III - HID Key Fob - 100 Fobs

HID 1346 ProxKey III

The ProxKey III is a HID key fob offering HID proximity technology H10301 in a convenient, pocket size HID fob. It easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard. The ProxKey III is built to withstand harsh operating environments or handling.

The HID Prox Key Fob III is suited for use in access control applications where a Photo ID is not required.

Customers love the convenience of the proximity key fob (or Proxkey) because it is easily carried in a pocket, briefcase, or hand bag. HID Prox Fobs Feature: RF-programmable, 125 kHz, charcoal gray customer-specified ID Numbers. Proximity Key Fobs are unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions, even when close to keys and coins.

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  • Enter the "Facility/Site code" number for your Proximity Key Fobs . If you leave this field blank the number will be chosen randomly, which is fine in many instances.
  • Enter the "Sequential start number". This is the starting number of your sequential numbering sequence. If you leave this field blank the number will be chosen randomly, which is fine in many instances.

    If you have any question please contact us @ 1-800-560-8158. We are proximity card experts and can help you get the right product for the right application.

 HID 1346 ProxKey III - HID Proximity Key Fob - 100 Key Fobs 1346 

Proximity entry cards (or Proxcards) is a generic name for contactless integrated circuit devices used for security access or payment systems. It can refer to the older 125 kHz devices or the newer 13.56 MHz contactless RFID cards, most commonly known as contactless smartcards. Modern proximity entry cards are covered by the ISO/IEC 14443 (Proximity Card) standard. There is also a related ISO/IEC 15693 (Vicinity Card) standard. Proximity entry cards are powered by resonant energy transfer and have a range of 0-3 inches in most instances.

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