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What is an adhesive back ID badge and why use it?

Well these ID cards are printed on a thinner PVC stock that has a special adhesive on the back. Why would you want such a card you might ask, well they come in really handy if you're using clamshell proximity cards. Clamshell proximity cards are the kind that you cannot print on. with an adhesive back ID card you can print an employee badge and apply it to the face of a clamshell proximity card. It also allows you to reuse proximity cards buy printing a different employee badge and applying it to the same card that may have been assigned to a previous employee. So they can be really handy and help your proximity card stock go further. They can also be used to identify equipment because the adhesive will stick to practically anything. we have had customers think of all kinds of creative uses for our adhesive-backed cards.

NetCloudID Id Badge SoftwareOur "ID Platform" NetcloudID is the perfect choice for customers who want high quality photo id badges without the expense of buying a photo id system. You only pay for what you need!  The process is very easy. A photo id card expert will create your account and a professional unique id card design.

If an employee loses a card or you have a new hire all you have to do is place the order online @ and we will get a new card out to you (most of the time the same day as the order) at your original quantity price.  Order only what you need!


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 Not quite ready to order yet and want some more information about our custom id badge printing.  Let us give you a quote for the number of id badges you need and find out how simple and affordable online id printing can be for you.

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