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yellow light bulbWhat is an Id Lanyard?

Lanyards are worn around the neck and are used to hold ID badges, keys and other small objects.  They are a popular accessory used in a variety of industries.  Lanyards come in standard stock printed designs or with eye-catching customization.  Perfect for use in offices, manufacturing, retail settings or ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhich Breakaway Lanyard is Right for Me?

Color cord breakaways can be great for color-coding employees in different departments for security, access restrictions, or for telling visitors apart from staff. The breakaway clasp on the lanyard will keep anyone wearing the lanyard safe. If the lanyard gets snagged on anything, the breakaway clasp will open and keep the person wearing the lanyard from getting tugged along with it. Breakaway detachable lanyard clips have a buckle that allows for easy removal of an id card or id card holder from the lanyard. So if you need to remove your access card from your breakaway lanyard to have it read by a card reader or inspected by security ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhen should I use a breakaway lanyard?

A breakaway lanyard is one with a safety breakaway closure that “breaks-away” once pressure is applied. For instance, somebody with a breakaway lanyard won’t be in danger if the lanyard is snagged on some machinery, because the lanyard can breakaway before injuring ...[READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhich Id Lanyard Should I Choose?

All Id lanyards keep your badge visible and upright around your neck for easy reading, but they aren't only for ID cards. They can be used as key holders with the addition of a split ring and open ended versions are especially popular as event pass holders. You can even custom design your own for displaying your logo as  promotional giveaways.  We also carry designs that support a cause ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhat are the Methods of Customizing Lanyards?

Our custom lanyards come in all sorts of combinations and sizes, but there are three basic methods for customizing them.  The three methods are screen printing, woven fabric, and dye sublimation.  Our custom lanyard designer does them all so lets break them down so you can make an informed buying decision ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbExploring Clothing-Friendly ID Card Accessories

Another extremely popular option of ID accessories are lanyards. Some of the reasons why lanyards tend to be so popular is because they come in such a wide variety of types and are some of the most easily customizable ID card accessories available. Since lanyards are incredibly soft ... [READ MORE]


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