Id Card Printing Applications

Corporation / Employee Id Cards

Identification badges help you control access and provide enhanced security to your business, employees, and assets.

Printing ID cards on-site allows you to issue these cards to new employees, contractors and visitors immediately and

will provide visual authentication of the holder with a crisp clear image of the person or other data such as name, employee number, barcode, corporate insignia or trademarks.

Schools Id Cards

Universities, colleges and secondary schools are more frequently using identification cards for multiple uses.

ID cards were first introduced to manage access for meal plans and other food services for students, but today food services are only one of many applications using the student’s card.

Access control to dormitories, banking, vending, logical access to PCs, and even local transportation applications can now be added to the student’s card.

Banks Cards

Today, financial institutions are working into increase the level of customer satisfaction of its clients as well as increase the security for issuing financial cards at the local branch level.  Instant issuance card printers can securely print and encode credit cards, debit cards, and check cards. 

Government Id

Common uses for government cards include social service programs, voter identification, gun carry permits, automobile registration, driving licenses and even national identification cards in some cases.  Government cards demand high-technology solutions. From smart card chip encoding to high-security laminates.  High-volume id printers production is typically a requirement for large Government programs.

Building Access Control Card

Access control cards have many uses in today’s organizations. They can limit access to and from buildings in conjunction with unmanned turnstiles, be used as a visual “flash-pass” at visual security access points, and more increasingly can be used for logical access to PCs and networks.

Logical access offers many benefits to organizations but the most common use is for “single sign-on” in which an access card can be used in addition to or in replacement of a password to gain access to PCs or networks.

Transportation Id card

Today, transportation cards, “tickets” or “passes” are more often than not being produced with some type of plastic card printer. Combined with university programs, state and local governments, and even corporations, transportation agencies globally are seeing the benefit of using a plastic card with smart card technology where use data can be shared across platforms and organizations.


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