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yellow light bulbWhy Do I Need an Id Card Printer?

Using an Id card printer gives an company or organization maximum control over its Id badge program. You can print cards on demand, control your ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhat Questions Should I Answer Before I Buy an Id Card Printer?

This is a big one.  It will determine if you should be looking at a high volume id printer or a low volume id printer.  There can be a significant price difference between the two.  No since in paying for more id system than you really need ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbIDP SMART Series Printer Troubleshooting

Cannot turn on the SMART Printer using the LED button on the front panel.

1. Check the main power switch on the backside of the SMART Printer (Press the switch " | ")

2. Check the connected state of the power cable on the backside of the SMART Printer.

3. Check the connected state of the power code, adapter and the electric outlet.

4. Check the adapter connected to the SMART Printer. We ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbPlastic Card Printing

Plastic cards are prevalent in our daily lives, such as payment cards, driver's licenses, membership cards and employee identification badges. Their standard size, portability and durability make them the ideal choice for many applications. Id card printers let you print customized, secure and cost-effective cards on demand. They can be printed in color or monochrome and can be encoded with multiple features like magnetic stripes or radio frequency identification ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbId Card Encoding

A magnetic strip card is a type of card capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band of magnetic material on the card. some id card printers are capable of having a magnetic encoder installed inside of the printer to encode various type of magnetic cards such as ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbId Card Printing Applications

Identification badges help you control access and provide enhanced security to your business, employees, and assets.

Printing ID cards on-site allows you to issue these cards to new employees, contractors and visitors immediately and

will provide visual authentication of the holder with a crisp clear image of the person or other data such as name, employee number, barcode, corporate ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbTwo Ways to Print ID Cards

When our customers ask this question, we say with what is right for you Many of our customers choose to use our NetCloudID Badging Platform where we design, print, and ship your ID cards to a single location or multiple facilities. Others choose to print in-house by using the id card printers and software we sell to make their own custom ID cards. Both choices can work and scale as small or ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbI Need Employee Id Cards with My Logo, Where Should I Start?

Logos are a no brainer for custom employee badges. At very least it's an inexpensive branding opportunity combined with a needed security measure.  Many of our customers are looking for an in-house id badge printer so they can make custom employee badges themselves. Most of our customers ... [READ MORE]

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