Black Badge Reel Lanyard with Break Away 2138-7001

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  • Model: 2138-7001
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 Brady Black Retractable Lanyard with Break Away 2138-7001

This Retractable Lanyard is a convenient combination of a Round badge reel with clear vinyl strap and 5/8” woven polyester Break-Away Lanyard.  The Badge reel Dimensions are: 1 1/4” (39mm) The Badge Reel Lanyard Length is: 36”(914mm) The badge reel cord length is: 34” (864mm)

Sold in bags of 100 pieces

 Brady Black Retractable Lanyard with Break Away 2138-7001

Weight 0.0290
Color Black
End Fitting Clear Vinyl Strap
Clip Types None
Label Size 3/4" (19mm)
Reel Diameter 1-1/4" (32mm)
Length 34" (864mm)
Shape Round
Quick Ship Yes
Also known as Y493075

A lanyard badge reel is just right for presenting an id card.  Lanyard badge reels give you the advantage of a lanyard and a badge reel being connected to each other as one piece.

Lanyards are one of the id card accessories. They keep the id card or badge visible and upright for easy reading. But Lanyards aren't only for id cards. All of our lanyards can be used as key lanyards, sports lanyards, phone lanyards, and others.

If safety is a concern, we offer breakaway lanyards with all the options as a normal lanyard. Wondering why you'd get a breakaway lanyard? Read our article When should I use a breakaway lanyard?

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