Black 3/8" Flat Woven Lanyard Bulldog Clip 2135-3551

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  • Model: 2135-3551
  • Manufactured by: Brady

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 Brady Black 3/8" Flat Woven Lanyard Bulldog Clip 2135-3551 

Black Flat Braid Woven Lanyard With Nickel-Plated Steel Bulldog Clip. These Lanyards Are Functional And Come In Several Different Colors. A Good Lanyard For Whenever You Need To Display An Id Badge. 3/8" (10 Mm) Flat; 36" (914) Cut Length Prior To Assembley. Comes With A Crimp Finishing Option. Sold In Bags Of 100 Pieces.

 Brady Black 3/8" Flat Woven Lanyard Bulldog Clip 2135-3551 

Our flat, colored lanyards are woven to be comfortable all day, everyday.


The flat lanyards generally come in two sizes -- 3/8 and 5/8 inches -- each size generally having the key ring, bulldog clip, and swivel hook options. Sometimes there are other options like the card clamp

If these lanyards would fit your solution, but you would like a custom lanyard design, you may want to design a custom lanyard.

Lanyards are one of the id card accessories. They keep the id card or badge visible and upright for easy reading. But Lanyards aren't only for id cards. All of our lanyards can be used as key lanyards, sports lanyards, phone lanyards, and others.

If safety is a concern, we offer breakaway lanyards with all the options as a normal lanyard. Wondering why you'd get a breakaway lanyard? Read our article When should I use a breakaway lanyard?

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