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ID badge holders play a big role in how an id card is displayed.  Badge holders are a very important part of any credential or ID card program.  Badge reels badge holders make moving a proximity card in front of a reader easier for example.  ID Lanyards and badge clips are other badge holders to consider for the right name tag holder.  There are many types of hard plastic and soft vinyl badge holders that can display your id card in vertical or horizontal positions. 

Let us break it down a little further.

Clear vinyl ID holders are the most commonly needed. These ID tag holders provide all of the necessities -- the clear vinyl displays the card prominently and the vinyl itself is durable and protects the card.  Rigid ID holders are usually for companies where protection is a top priority. Rigid, hard plastic holders keep badges from warping from extreme heat conditions, protects them from equipment, and work with proximity or regular ID cards.  Proximity card holders have thumb slots or slides which help take out the proximity card making it easy for cards to be activated, updated, or deactivated. Ideal for companies with high-turnover or facilities that have many visitors requiring a proximity card -- contractors for instance.  Wallet ID Holders are great for conferences and tradeshows. They hang around the neck attached to a lanyard. Many ID tag holders come with a pen holder and slots for necessities like a credit card.  Color ID holders help identify types of people your facility at a glance. For example, visitors might have blue badges and contractors may have red badges.  Arm band ID holders are perfect for companies that have a lot of heavy-moving machinery where a dangling name tag holder may get caught. The arm band keeps the badge out-of-the-way and come in a variety of colors for easy identification as well.  Magnetic ID holders are similar to arm band holders for keeping an ID holder out-of-the-way. Magnetic ID tag holders make it simple to put it on a shirt pocket, belt, or even a bag.

ID lanyards are an important ID card accessory. Lanyards keep your ID card visible and upright for easy reading. But they aren't only for ID cards. They can be used as key holders with the addition of a split ring and open ended lanyards  are especially popular as event pass holders. You can even custom design your own for displaying your logo as  promotional giveaways.  We also carry designs that support a cause like Autism or Breast Cancer that help raise awareness.  These come in all shapes and sizes so we will have a right fit for you.

Badge reels help employees keep track of an ID card and provide easy access. Reels use a spring loaded retractable cord to attach to ID cards for ID security. The retractable id holder reel cord is usually around 30 inches long. A badge retractor makes keeping an ID badge handy for a door reader or whenever there is a need to present an ID badge. ID card reels come in several different configurations of clips and attachments. Some of these include a carabiner badge reel, belt slide clip badge reel, swivel back badge reel clips, and even a lanyard badge reel. Another option for your retracting ID badge reel is custom imprinting. Your company logo can be printed on the face of all of our selection of retractable id badge holders.

Last but not least are badge clips.  You use a badge clip to attach an ID card to your clothing.  A pin can also be used in some cases, but an ID clip is usually preferable because the bulldog clip on the strap clip does not go through the material of your clothes. Sometimes it is required that an all plastic clip be used such as in the case of an MRI technician. Sometimes a rubber tip on the clip is a good idea.

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