I need employee id cards with my logo, where should I start?

Logos are a no brainer for custom employee badges. At very least it's an inexpensive branding opportunity combined with a needed security measure.  Many of our customers are looking for an in-house id badge printer so they can make custom employee badges themselves. Most of our customers, however, choose to use our id printing service where we design, print, and ship badges to your single or multi-location facilities.

In-house Badge Printing

In-Hose id badge printing

Printing badges in-house can be an small or large as needed. This is by no means true for every customer of ours but we have noticed medium to larger companies tend to choose printing id badges in-house over outsourcing the work. This lets them have oversite over every step including designing, printing, issuing, and reissuing the employee badges.

While having an in-house setup can be daunting, All Things Identification can walk you through the first stages of setting up the id card printer and id badge software and then printing the first card. For those that have a limited amount of time or budget, we can print and issue the cards for you.

Id Badge Printing Service

NetCloudId badge maker login screenNetCloudId id badge screen

Our NetCloudId online id badge maker service has been put to the test for just about any kind of badge -- any combination of security laminates, bar codes, and magnetic stripes; all the way from 10000 cards to just 10 cards -- we've seen it all. Whether you need some one-time contractor photo id badges or employee photo id cards with fields of variable data or anywhere in between our badge service can handle any load. Our customers have commented time and time again how they love the easy to use nature of our online badging platform.

Id adges have many options. Nearly anything can be printed on an identification card, but we've found a good blend of what works best. Of course, there's never two customers alike and we always keep your needs in mind first.


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