How to get started with Netcloud ID Badge Maker

Printing ID cards can be time consuming. Our online badging  service makes it painless to get ID cards printed and shipped quick.  Don't worry you won't have to have any software installed, so that will make your IT staff happy!  You won't have to learn any new graphic design tools either, we will do it for you or work off an existing design you already have.  There is virtually no limit to the color palette and backgrounds we can use with a wide range of card information including barcodes.  Also, you will always have the latest version of our ID maker platform because it is online.

What do I need before I get started with my custom badges?Custom ID card on a retractable reel

The biggest factor is knowing the information you'd like to put on your custom employee ID card. We will design the ID card and get your approval before printing, but we need a little information first.

What information needs to be on my badges?

Start by thinking about what needs to be printed on every custom employee ID card. The company logo or a slogan is a vital piece of branding information that many of our customers forget. It's easy to think that an ID card's only use is identifying an employee or contractor or whomever, but that's simply not the case. Many of our customers like to include their OSHA slogan on the backside. We often print hospital emergency codes on the backside so that every employee will have an instant reference in the event of an emergency.  These pieces of information are things that don't change and will be on every ID card. 

Next we need the information that does change on each ID card, like employee ID numbers, contractor titles, names, and photos of the person.  We call this variable information and this is the information that makes each card unique to the card holder.

Choose your card type next

The final step is choose the type of card you need.  Our most commonly used card is the single sided id card.  As it's name implies, your information is printed on only one side of the card.  If you have more information than will fit on one side then the obvious choice is our double sided id card.  One is no better than the other, it is just a matter of how you want your card 's layout to be.

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