How economical is the NetCloudID Online Badging Platform?

The short answer is very economical. So let's take a look at buying id equipment versus outsourcing your id badges using NetCloudID online id maker.

An entry level id card printer with all the equipment and id supplies needed to print 500 id cards is going to be in the Save money on id badges with$1500 to $2000 range. So you will have everything you need to print 500 id badges. Basically you are paying for the ability to make and issue id badges up front before you make the 500 cards. You will have a capital investment of the card printer and id software to install and learn. You may also have the occasional update to the printer firmware and possibly id software updates for operating systems.

With our id badging platform you pay for the id cards as you need them. Our minimum initial order is ten id badges. Great for small companies or contractors. But let's go apples to apples here. To make 500 id cards with NetCloudID the cost would be approximately $2000 after you made them all. So now you have the same amount of potential id badges but you can order and pay for them as you need them. See how it’s different? With our online badging platform you pay for cards as you need them.

Another plus is you have no capital investment in id equipment or printer maintenance and no software to learn or have to update. Cloud based NetCloudID is always up to date and we make sure it is very easy to use. Keep in mind, one way is not better than the other, it just depends on what your needs are at this time. We sell the best names in id printer systems everyday but, we realize that an id system is not the right call for every situation. If you need a little help in sorting out the benefits of using the NetCloudID badging platform for your id badge needs, give us a call @ 1-800-560-8158


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