Hospital Code Badge Buddy - 50

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A custom badge buddy with any text, any logo, or hospital code you need in any color!

Regular badge buddies are perfect for patients to know who is caring for them. However, hospital code badge buddies can be helpful for the person wearing them. Many hospitals encourage the emergency code list to be within reach or sight of all personnel at all times and these badge buddies can fulfill that duty. See the FHA codes

Have your logo and any other critical information printed on the badge buddy. Since it is worn underneath a traditional id badge, the patients will not be distracted by this information but it will be there for the employee if needed.

All custom info is printed on both sides of the badge buddy so it is easily found and read even in emergency situations.

Contact us now to order bulk -- 1-800-560-8158

Card is Worn Underneath Your Existing Hospital ID Badge. Size: 3-3/32" X 3-3/8" 30mil: 10 mil Polyester/Polyethylene /10 mil Teslin/ 10 mil Polyester/Polyethylene


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