Hard Plastic Badge Holders

Open Face Plastic Id Holders
Open Face Plastic Id Holders

Made of hard plastic to protect id cards Make ID card security and protection easy with hard plastic badge holders. These plastic ID holders...
Enclosed Plastic ID Holders
Enclosed Plastic ID Holders

Id card dispensers give easy access Slide your cards in and out with ease using these enclosed plastic ID holders. These dispensers double as hard ...

Hard plastic holders protect prox cards and smart cards

These holders are made of rigid plastic and they make for a more sturdy badge protector that keeps an ID badge from bending. Rigid card holders work very well for protecting proximity cards and smart cards.  Some can even feature permanent locks. Most have thumb slots for card access and are top or side loading. It depends on whether it is a vertical or horizontal orientation.  These holders are made to horizontally or vertically display your id card.

Two types of hard plastic id holders 

These holders come in two different types to fit your application.  Id card retainers are open face rigid plastic and leave one face od the id card exposed and come in very handy for barcode reading.  Enclosed id card dispensers are enclosed hard plastic card holders and keep your id card enclosed and on both sides and provide easy card removal access.


What badge holder do I use to display my employee id cards?


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