Flat Lanyards

Product Image PriceDsc Model Item Name
3/8" Flat Woven Lanyards $34.00  $31.28
Save: $2.72 off

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3/8" Flat Woven Lanyards

5/8" Flat Woven Lanyards $58.00  $53.36
Save: $4.64 off

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5/8" Flat Woven Lanyards

Our flat lanyards are woven to be comfortable all day, everyday.  With all our colors it is easy to color code for events or facilities.

These lanyards generally come in two sizes -- 3/8 and 5/8 inches -- each size generally having the key ring, bulldog clip, and swivel hook options.

If these lanyards would fit your solution, but you would like a custom lanyard design, you may want to design a custom lanyard.

If you don't see the lanyard you need, please contact us at 1-800-560-8158.

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