Employee Badge Service

Our Custom ID Badge Printing Service by Type

Single-Sided Badges

Single-sided employee id badges can go a long way. Not only are they great for identifying employees to customers, they serve as a branding opportunity as well. These badges are great for any company, big or small, who just need to put a name to a smile.  Size is simialr to a drivers license or credit card.

Double-Sided Badges

Double-sided badges take advantage of that extra area on the backside of the badge. Many businesses require that emergency information be in reach of all employees and the reverse side of an id badge certainly fits the bill. If you need extra information, double-sided is for you.

Visitor ID

Our visitor id badges are perfect for small, quick meetings all the way to large, 3-day events. These badges don't end at temporary events -- they are excellent for security purposes at any existing facility. No matter what your situation, we're sure that there's a visitor badge that can fit your solution.

All Things Identification's Company ID card printing service has been saving businesses time and money on custom corporate id badges since 1999. Our employee ID card experts can take over the printing of your employee ID badges without expensive equipment to buy or ID card software to learn. Contact us today @ 1-800-560-8158 to find out more.

How to get started with custom ID badges:

Printing Business ID cards can be time consuming. Our printing service makes it painless to get ID cards printed right and shippedCustom ID card on a retractable reel quick.

What do I need before I get started with my custom badges?

The biggest factor is knowing the information you'd like to put on your custom employee ID card. We will design the ID card and get your approval before printing, but we need all the information first.

What information needs to be on my badges?

Start by thinking about what needs to be printed on every custom employee ID card. The company logo and/or a slogan is a vital piece of branding information that many of our customers forget. It's easy to think that an ID card's only use is identifying an employee or contractor or whomever, but that's simply not the case. Many of our customers like to include their OSHA slogan on the backside. We often print hospital emergency codes on the backside so that every employee will have an instant reference in the event of an emergency.

These pieces of information are things that don't change and will be on every ID card. We also need the information that does change on each ID card, like employee ID numbers, contractor titles, names, and photos of the person.

What kind of card do I need for my badges?

The single-sided employee ID card with the photo and name is a near-universal solution. Dual-sided ID cards are common for businesses that need technical or contact information and usually put that information on the backside.

Depending on exactly what information you have, barcodes are very common. The barcodes are normally encoded employee ID numbers. Usually they are part of a time keeping or security system where they are scanned by readers. More sophisticated solutions use magnetic stripes as well as proximity cards so the ID card also serves as an entry-access card.

There are a few options which can be added to any type of custom employee ID card which are signature panels and security overlays. Signature panels are for hand-writing a signature on the card not unlike the signature slots on the back of credit cards. Security overlays are commonly holograms which "shine" when viewing the card indirectly at an angle and are used to spot and prevent forgeries.

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