Easy Id Printer System

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Easy Id Printer System
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Easy Id Printer System

Everything to print id badges  The 1-2-3 Easy Id System has its name because of the three steps needed to print the first badge: 1) design the badge, 2) take the employee's photo, and 3) print. Oh, one more thing -- it's called "Easy Id System" because it comes with...

Take the guesswork out of knowing who belongs in your organization — and who does not — with the new Datacard® 1-2-3 Easy ID card system. A completely integrated ID card system conveniently packaged all in one box,


With the 1-2-3 Easy ID system, smaller organizations can implement ID security at a price that’s within reach. Everything you need to create high quality color photo ID cards is included in the 1-2-3 Easy ID system — printer, software, camera, cards and supplies. Simply open the box, install the software contained on a single CD, and you’re ready to create ID cards in a matter of minutes.


Datacard Group has done all the legwork for you, eliminating the need to research multiple vendors to create a complete ID card system. With proven printer, software and supplies from Datacard — a trusted global provider of ID card technology — reliability is built into your fully integrated, easy-to-use ID card system.



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