Smart-70DL Dual Sided Id Printer & Laminator System IPLFS

  • Model: IPLFS
  • Shipping Weight: 35lbs
  • Manufactured by: IDP

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Hi volume id card printing 

The Smart-70DL id card printer is a dual-sided printer system built for large productions with a 500 card input hopper and at 16 seconds per card, it will work faster than all the other Smart Series printers.

Simple modular design 

The Smart 70 was built with simplicity in mind as it has a modular system that easily let the user adapt the printer to their needs. Even the dirty work such as maintenance was taken into consideration so one doesn't need a mechanic's touch to do simple cleanings.

Complete id system

This system comes with everything needed to begin printing the day you receive it: SmartID software, a YMCKO ribbon, and 100 PVC cards.

IDP Smart-70DL Id card Printer Features:


Hardware plug-n-play has come to id card printers. This version of the Smart 70 comes with a laminator, a card flipper, and input hopper module. All of these modules can be removed and the printer will still print id cards as a normal front-feed single sided printer.

While a Smart 70 with all modules is fairly hefty at around 40 pounds, each module by itself is much more light. This makes traveling for card issuance (i.e. schools, events, etc) even easier considering you can simply bring the exact modules needed or bring all of them but transfer them separately.


IDP has created a protocol called OCP or Open Card Print. This protocol allows PCs on a network to print cards with the Smart 70 without having drivers or software installed on that PC. This makes deployment, maintenance, and security so much more streamlined by not having to keep up with small pieces of software that get lost through upgrades and time.

The Smart 70 id card printer also allows one to not just print cards through the network but encode them as well.

High Security

The Smart Series printers by IDP feature several security options. One can set passwords and create users on the printer itself to limit those who can print access-granting employee badges. The system can also encrypt data that is sent over the USB cable for end-to-end encryption. And the printer can be locked to specific PCs so that theft of the printer to create access cards is less of a threat.

The Smart 70 in particular has a Kensington lock on its card hoppers to keep in-process prints from being stolen. Since the Smart 70 is ethernet & network capable by default, the end-to-end encryption extends over the network as well.

Speed & Quality

IDP uses FINE™ printing technology to offer true color reproduction from the SmartID software to the id card itself. Along with edge-to-edge printing, this allows one to create cards with vivid colors and crisp text. With a dual-sided printing speed of 16 seconds/card (about 225 cards an hour) one does not have to sacrifice quality for speed.

IDP Smart-70DL Id Card Printer System Contents:

  • Smart 70 Printer Module 651159
  • Smart 70 Input Hopper Module 651156
  • Smart 70 Flipper (Dual Sided) Module 651155
  • Smart 70 Laminator Module 651157
  • IDP SmartID Software which includes a designer and database
  • 100 PVC Cards
  • YMCKO Printer Ribbon
  • 3-year Advanced Exchange Warranty
    - If your print head breaks within the warranty, simply exchange your printer for a new one rather than wait for repairs.
  • Installation and Getting Started Bootlet
  • Long-Sleeve Cleaning Card
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable

→ IDP Smart 70DL Spec Sheet


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