Watchport Industrial USB Camera Watchport

  • Model: Watchport
  • Manufactured by: AllThingsId

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 AllThingsId Watchport Industrial USB Camera Watchport 

Watchport Industrial USB Camera

Watchport/V, the first USB digital PC camera with Windows NT 4.0 support, is a cost-effective, highperformance solution for enterprise applications such as id card issuance programs, kiosks, POS, ATMs, mobile computing, and others utilizing camera surveillance. With USB frame rates up to 60 fps at 160 x 120, enhanced resolution up to 1280 x 960, and automatic low light adjustment (<1 lux), this industrial-grade USB Camera delivers optimal picture quality. Plug-and-play installation makes integration of Watchport/V into any new or existing system simple, even for non-technical users.

Enhanced resolution up to 1280 x 960 for frame capture Adjustable lens (<1 inch to infinity); Optional lens package available: 3mm wide angle; 8mm close-up,12mm telephoto Reliable performance for mission-critical applications such as kiosk, ATM, and general surveillance Microsoft Video for Windows and TWAIN scanner software support Manual and automatic gain and shutter control, automatic white balance (AWB), manual color balance, color saturation controls and more Streaming video transmissions utilizing VLCE lossless compression technology


 AllThingsId Watchport Industrial USB Camera Watchport 

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