Custom Parking Permits

Custom parking permits are a great security measure for property management professionals.  Parking permits promote company branding and they go hand in hand with employee identification.  A parking permit shows whose vehicle should be on your property visually at a distance with a glance of an eye.

1. What type of customization do I need for my parking permit?

This question can be answered by where you want the parking permit displayed.  A rearview mirror, on the inside of a windshield, an exterior bumper or windshield.

Rearview mirror hang tag parking permits make it easy to identify visitors and can also display a brand as well. Static-cling parking permits stick to the front or back windshield without using glue and leave no residue. Car parking stickers use adhesive glue on the front or back of the sticker to stick to the inside of a window or to the bumper.

Easy viewing is the main factor in this decision.  If security for the parking permit itself is a concern an inside installation may be preferable although destructive materials are available that make it impossible to remove the parking permit without destroying it.

2. What information needs to be on my parking permits?

A custom printed parking permit can have anything you want printed on one or both sides (in the case of a rearview mirror hang tag). For starters you want some company branding by putting your company logo on the front.  Add a sequential number if it will help in the organization of your parking control program.  We offer this service for free.  An expiration date is desirable in many cases for time sensitive situations and security measures.

So there you have it.  The benefits of security, company branding, and identification are all there in your soon to be fresh off the press parking permits.  Let us help make your next custom printed parking permit buying experience a productive one.


More is less. Most minimum quantities are around 125 pieces. If you can justify buying 250+ pieces the prices take a nose dive just due to the nature of printing. Remember, it takes just as much setup and preparation to print 125 parking permits as it does to print 1000 parking permits. Do the math, it pays to buy as much as you will use over time.

Unless you are getting a four color process parking permit for a set price per piece, additional colors cost more per permit.

Usually the price listed for a custom printed parking permit is for one color and additional colors cost more per parking permit.

You can do a lot with one color! Not only can you have positive images and letters printed on the parking permit, but you can also have negative images and lettering that show the white background of the material. Get creative...

It is always best if you have what is called "vector artwork". If you have a marketing department or firm that that your company uses they will have this type of artwork on file for company logos. If you do not have access to vector artwork for you logo then use the highest resolution JPEG or GIF you can get you hands on. A logo from the company website does not work very well and may add to your cost with artwork fees.  Call us for help if you are not sure what you have.

Stick with stock colors if you can for your parking permits. If your company is a stickler about using Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors for your logo your hands are tied and we can match any PMS color. But, be aware there are extra fees for matching PMS colors. We have stock colors that are probably very close to the color you need and it will save money.  Use the stock colors if you can for savings

Keep your parking permit artwork as solid as possible. Avoid artwork that has fading colors that go from solid to light or translucent. This effect can be reproduced on a parking permit, but here again extra "screen" charges will usually apply.  Good solid line art is always the best for visibility and printing.

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