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yellow light bulbThe Benifits of Custom Hole Punches

Some people seem to think that every kind of hole punch works the same. However, this is simply not true. A common type of hole punch that many people try to use is a craft punch. Unfortunately, these are often designed to be used on only very thin paper for arts and crafts purposes. Therefore, as soon as you get to anything that is thicker than a standard sheet of paper, the hole punch  ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbCustom Hole Punch Shapes

... [OPEN PDF]

yellow light bulbPopular Custom Hole Punch Shapes by Name

These custom hole punch shape names and numbers are some of our more popular shapes.  Just look up the shape number in our hole punch shape guide to see what the design looks like.  If you like a particular shape design you can order your custom hole punch in that design usig the number off the design. We still have tons of shapes that don't have names so browse the hole punch shape guide if you don't ... [READ MORE]

yellow light bulbWhat Are The Different Kinds of Custom Hole Punches You Make?

Our custom hole punches come in thousands of shapes and combinations.  Not only do we have literally well over a thousand shapes but, we can do letters and numbers as well.  To make even more custom punch combinations, punches can be made in one, two, three, and four letter or number combinations.  That's not even the end of it, we can also make ... [READ MORE]

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