Case study: Healthcare XYZ Needs ID Badges for Office Locations

Note that we do not use the real names of our id badge customers for security reasons


The company has multiple office facilities throughout Florida that are branded with different names but still part of the XYZ Network.   Each facility location only has 20-30 employees and each need an ID badge with photo, name, and job title. The number of employees at each facility does not warrant an ID badge printer system at each location and the corporate office wants to maintain consistent branding throughout their Network. 

By utilizing the All Things Identification cloud based NetCloudID badging platform Healthcare XYZ is able to centrally control the printing of ID badges for each office as well as delegating ID badge printing duties to select facilities as appropriate.


Historically every office fended for themselves for ID badges. This made for every location having ID badges made from different materials and different types as well as no consistent branding across the network. The company corporate goal was to have everyone and every facility wearing and identical Company ID badge with consistent corporate branding as well as a local logo.  Another goal was to also prevent each branch from designing a totally different ID badge that didn't match with the corporate standards.

Possible solutions:

 A possible solution would be for the corporate office to purchase an ID card printer system and create designs for each facility and produce the ID badges as requested from each facility. The corporate HR department  did not have the time or the resources that they wanted to devote to printing ID badges on demand for each facility. The corporate office as well did not want to invest capital into an ID card printer system or have the learning curve of the software and equipment.


Implementation of the All Things Identification NetCloudID badging platform proved to be the most effective solution to their multi-facility problem. Each facility had a single sided ID badge template design created on NetCloudID that incorporated their local logo as well as the corporate standards for each ID badge design. In the initial implementation an administrative account in NetCloudID was created for one HR official to have control of the online ID badge creation for every location. In the beginning this HR official could create badges for each location and order badges for that location which would be shipped directly from All Things Identification to that office. At the convenience of the corporate office, accounts were made for  individuals at the local facilities to have access to the ID badge design template for their facility and authority assigned to order as needed while still maintaining the ability for the corporate office to order as well. Each design template was created by All Things Identification inside the NetCloudID badging platform and cannot be changed without authorization from the appropriate official at Healthcare XYZ. This created a consistent company branding and does not allow an individual office to change the way their ID badge looks without appropriate approval from the corporate office.


The flexibility and customizable nature of the NetCloudID badging platform was able to evolve with the needs of the Healthcare XYZ company structure. Being that our cloud based id platform is totally customizable and made to scale with any business structure it is well suited to solve complicated ID badge problems.

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