25 Carabiner Badge Reel 2120-70XX

  • Model: 2120-70XX
  • Manufactured by: Brady

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 Brady 25 Carabiner Badge Reel 2120-70XX 

Caraniner Badge Reel - Heavy Duty Carabiner Retractable

This carabiner retractable id badge holder is stylish and rugged.  The badge reel is translucent and features a carabiner clip attachment with a clear vinyl reel strap. The badge reel diameter 1-1/4" (32mm). and the heavy duty retractable badge holder cord length is 34" (864mm) - This premiere badge reel is rated for 100,000 badge pulls.

Sold in bags of 25 pieces

 Brady 25 Carabiner Badge Reel 2120-70XX 

Carabiner badge reels borrow technology from mountain climbing equipment.  The carabiner clip on the retractable badge reel makes attaching the reel a breeze.

Badge reels help employees keep track of an id card.  Badge reels use a spring loaded retractable cord to attach to id cards.  The retractable badge reel cord is usually around 30 inches long.  A badge reel makes keeping an id badge handy for a door reader or whenever there is a need to present an id badge.  Badge reels come in several different configurations of clips and attachments.  Some of these include carabiner badge reels, belt slid clip badge reels, swivel back clip badge reels, and even lanyard badge reels.  Another option for your retractable badge reels is custom imprinting.  Your company logo can be printed on the face of all of our selection of reels.  Please call us if you have any questions at 1-800-560-8158

If you're looking for a retractable badge reel option without the worry of the clip coming undone, lanyard badge reels have all the options of a badge reel with the security of a lanyard. For id card lanyards without badge reels, please see our id card lanyards category.

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