Breakaway Flat Lanyards

These breakaway flat woven lanyards come with a variety of attachments and color choices.

The flat lanyards generally come in two sizes -- 3/8 and 5/8 inches -- each size generally having the key ring, bulldog clip, and swivel hook options. Sometimes there are other options like the card clamp.

Not just your ordinary breakaway lanyard here.  Adjustable lanyards give greater control over how far down the id badge will lay.  We have them in popular colors as well!

Single breakawy lanyards featue one breakaway and a choice of colors, widths, and attachments.  Build just the right lanyard for your workplace.

One breakaway just not enough for the lanyard you need.  Then we have the one for you in the three breakaway lanyard.  That's right, these lanyards have a total of three breakaway points for added safety protection where you need multiple seperation points.

If these lanyards would fit your solution, but you would like a custom lanyard design, you may want to design a design a custom lanyard.

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